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Statements of Others

"..The works of  Chris Tousimis always offer new visions. Solid pieces of material. The Chris Tousimis sculptures are peaceful symbols, helpful objects for our stressed time."

Firouz Galdo, Architect, designer of Gagosian Gallery, Rome Italy 

""I had a vital place at my home, which required a special and eye-catching sculpture. I retained sculptor, Chris Tousimis to create something dramatic but not overdone, and he created the work Epiphany, which is perfect for the space and has been greatly admired by all who have seen it."


Rick Rickertsen, Owner of historic Laird-Dunlap Coach House Property, Georgetown-Washington DC.

"Chris Tousimis’ work captures the potential of the materials he uses and is sensitive to the environment it inhabits.  His knowledge of iconic forms is synthesized into the work he shapes.  His art, both elegant and refined, reflects his extraordinary ability to see in many ways. Chris Tousimis is a gifted and creative artist. “ 

Mr. Joseph Krakora,  Ex Executive Officer, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Artist Statement

My parents brought my siblings and myself up to believe that we are at our best when we are doing something that benefits others. For myself, I try and believe that making artwork that can be placed in locations that interact with the community is fulfilling this mission. I have hope my artistic path has brought me to a place when i have to ability to create sculptures that radiate an element of beauty. I wish to engage those who see the work and give some sense of joy and pride in the community they are placed into, this desire also acts as a driver for me to work as hard as i can to create sculptures to the best of my ability.

For my artistic history, I was born to Greek immigrants at the Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington DC. My father being from a small mountain village and my mother from an island off the coast of Turkey. My father was a scientist who used to do work with x-ray microanalysis and would spend hours fine polishing all types of metal surfaces for use in focusing the x-ray beams. He taught me how to do this when i was very young and all these years later I have been using the techniques to create the surfaces of the large scale sculptures.

I was able to study art in high school and then at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. When school was completed I began to focus more and more on learning the craft of oil painting and then began a career in art after my first exhibit. The years of oil painting honed my skill for balance and complete composition that now I hope give a sense of harmony to the three dimensional sculptures. With a painting you can create a sense of rhythm through out the piece  with how the brush strokes move and how the composition flows. I also try and use the curves of a sculpture to create a rhythm through out the form and plan how the sculptures surface catch and move the light.

With making all types of art i believe you have years spent learning the artistic language of others then in time you speak with your own artistic voice. I believe now to have been able to speak with my own artistic voice and to be creating a sort of visual language. It is my hope with every placement I do now to have my artistic voice be heard in the form of the community interacting with the work in a positive way.

I have been maintaining a studio along the river by Washington DC and with a belief that artist need to be leading the way with sustainable practices - my studio derives its electrical power from wind power generation credits and I use materials (304 Stainless) and finishing techniques that allows for minimal maintenance and giving a multi-generational life to the piece. 





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